The Town Planners; Roles and Challenges in Disaster and Risk Management in the Built Environment of Birnin Kebbi, Nigeria

  • Imole Oyelade Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic
  • Elimisiemon C Monday Kaduna State University, Kafanchan Campus, Kaduna


The paper examines the roles of Town Planners in disaster and risk management in built environment of Birnin Kebbi, Nigeria. The objectives are to; undertake the mapping of the neighborhoods, based on the level of disaster occurrence within the study area; assess the contribution of town planners in Birnin Kebbi and; to examine the factors undermining town planners in their disaster management in Birnin Kebbi, Nigeria. The primary and secondary data were used for the study. A total of 20 questionnaires were administered to the 20 registered members of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planning (NITP) and Town Planning Registration Council (TOPREC) in Birnin Kebbi. The study identified and classified the neighbourhoods into three categories; low incidence area of disaster occurrence, moderate area of disaster occurrence and high incidence area of disaster occurrence. Mapping of the neighbourhoods was carried out using the ArcGis. The  roles and challenges of town planners were identified in resilient city, disaster and risk management, building plan, layout design, master plan, annual training, infrastructure provision, community development and geographic Information system and thus analyzed using the mean score and then the ranking of various roles. The study revealed Town planners involvement in disaster and risk management of climate change, town planners’ functions in provision of a safer city and the use of layout plans as  useful tools in disaster and risk management. The study revealed the factors undermining town planning profession as; violation in use of codes and conduct of their professional ethics lacks of public involvement and participation of the people, and Government inconsistencies in policy formulation. The study is recommended to help government and policy makers to identify useful roles and challenges of the Town planners in the built environment. The study is recommended to the State Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development, Kebbi State Urban Development Authority (KUDA), the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and other private agencies that are involve in disaster management.


Key words: Disaster; Reduction; Risk; Management; Spatial; Vulnerability

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