Effectiveness Of Multimedia Technology Resources In Instructional Delivery In Vocational Subjects In Ekiti State Secondary School

Pages 18-25

  • Oluwatumbi Senny Oso
  • Jonathan O. Oke
  • Jonathan Fatokun
Keywords: Instructional delivery, Multimedia Technology Resources, Secondary Schools


The paper sought to examine effectiveness of multimedia technology resources in instructional delivery in Ekiti State Secondary School. It also sought to find out if the use of multimedia technology resources utilisation was gender sensitive. A descriptive research design of the survey type was adopted for the study. The population comprised all the teachers in Ekiti State secondary Schools.  Simple random sampling technique was used to draw out a sample of 300 respondents from the population. A questionnaire titled ‘Effectiveness of multimedia technology resources for instructional delivery’ (EMTRID) was used to elicit information from the respondents for data collection. Expert judgment was used to ascertain the face and content validity. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics like frequency counts, simple percentage, mean and standard deviation while the hypotheses were tested using t-test. The result revealed that multimedia technology resources were not adequately available hence they were not adequately and effectively utilized by teachers in instructional delivery. The study also revealed that multimedia technology resources utilization enhances students’ academic performance and teachers’ effectiveness in instructional delivery. It was also discovered that the use of multimedia technology resources was not gender sensitive. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that that multimedia technology resources should be adequately provided for teachers’ use in instructional delivery and the teachers on the other hand should be adequately trained through organized workshops and seminars in the effective use multimedia technology resources in instructional delivery.